5 Reasons Why You Should Opt For Stainless Steel Jewelry

Gold? Nah, too expensive. Sterling Silver? Nope, too expensive too. Stainless steel? Uh… Wait, what?

That’s right. Stainless steel. The same metal that makes the most (if not all) of your kitchenware, pots, pressure cookers, and even some of your dining utensils. It’s even used for the construction of buildings if you’re familiar with reinforced concrete. And right now, it’s becoming one of the most popular metals in use for jewelry and accessories.

So, why’s it popular? It’s not exactly rocket science, but there’s a sense to it. To start, here are the top 5 reasons why many go for stainless steel jewelry:

  1. Cheaper than most (if not all). Stainless steel, unlike gold and silver, can be mass produced. It doesn’t need to get mined all the way. That’s why it’s much more affordable when compared to other kinds of metal. And hey, don’t jump to conclusions yet, as stainless steel is cheaper, it doesn’t mean it’s of low quality. Don’t be too judgmental.
  2. It has that unique, metallic shine. It’s true that gold and silver can take your eyes off just about anything, But stainless steel also has its charms. It has a unique metallic look unlike that of the luster of silver. When it comes to this, it can be deemed just a matter of preference but for us, that metallic shine is just pure awesome.
  3. Durable, sturdy, and hard. When using stainless steel accessories, you don’t have to worry about accidentally breaking off the chain or disassembling the piece. These accessories are as sturdy as a rock, so don’t worry. Heck the pressure cooker that cooks your dinner is made of stainless steel, so it’s a given it can handle stress pretty easily.
  4. Rust and tarnish proof. That’s why it’s called ‘stainless.’ This material doesn’t rust, except when exposed to extreme, unrealistic conditions, such as under the ocean for years. But seriously, this ability to never tarnish is one of its main selling attributes. This is because stainless steel is plated with chromium, a known inert metal. The chromium plating acts a shield that protects the metal from harsh, corroding elements. More than that, jewelry grade stainless steel is made 100% hypoallergenic, even to the most sensitive of skins.
  5. A lot of different designs are available. Since the material is cheap, you can expect that designers and manufacturers do experiment more with it, as compared with silver or even gold. In fact, the designs available vary from the simplest of carvings to the most complex dragon and angel designs (look at KONOV rings for example).

I can probably list even 10, or 20 reasons why stainless steel is better when compared to other jewelry materials, but it doesn’t matter, as these 5 should be enough. If you aren’t convinced that stainless steel is also good when it comes to fashion and not just in the kitchen or in the metallurgy industry in general, then I don’t know, maybe you aren’t really into fashion.